I'm in the library trying to crank out 10 pages on this: What makes for a good economic outcome, according to neoclassical theory? Discuss the assumptions, logic and welfarist normative framework of neoclassical theory.

I have no idea what I've written or what to write next. All I know is that I have 4 pages so far. » 10/19/14 7:35pm Yesterday 7:35pm

Top Gear Episode Recommendation

So, last night I found out that the girl I'm dating (probably going to be GF & BF later tonight, but that's another post) hasn't watched a single episode of TG. She knows and respects my passion of all things automotive and would be up for watching it. And she's seen the other BBC stuff (Sherlock, Who, etc.). So, what… » 10/18/14 2:03pm Saturday 2:03pm

Hey, this forum might appear be about cars, but never forget that this is a community (based around cars). Anyway, I did the same thing when my now ex and I were having troubles my freshman year. I know it's not the same, but just go out and clear your head and enjoy your ride. Best of luck! » 10/16/14 3:49pm Thursday 3:49pm

Ehh, I don't really want to get into this right now, but I have more critiques for newer cars just because it's like we are wrapping irresponsible, mindless people in layers of bubble wrapped behemoths. I'm not saying my car is better, but at least I am in control and know what I am doing. Unfortunately, I think tech… » 10/15/14 12:17am Wednesday 12:17am

I heard the M2 will be an I2 mated to a hybrid system. Everything is electronic and the stereo pumps in sounds of a 1993 Civic with a fart can. Also, an additional 500lbs of bullshit luxury equipment is added because drivers are now too lazy to look in their mirrors. Best of all, the new hybrid system is mated to a… » 10/14/14 10:30pm Tuesday 10:30pm