I renovated my garage when I moved this summer. The whole back wall is pegboard. Everything else is on or under my workbench. If my mom needs it, she can see it, or call me while I'm at school and I know exactly where it is. Past that, no one better touch my shit. » 10/22/14 9:05pm 10/22/14 9:05pm

1967 Mustang. It was three years ago and I set out one Saturday morning to buy my first car. Drove over 300miles to Raleigh, NC to check out my dream ride. A tomato red 1967 Mustang with a 289 and Magnum 500 wheels. I was giddy and had a sizable check in hand. Walked into the dealership and saw that it didn't look as… » 10/20/14 8:30pm 10/20/14 8:30pm

I'M IN A RELATIONSHIP (and it's not with a car, FYI)

Even better than that, she allowed me to explain displacement and carburetors at three in the morning yesterday. This, of course, came up because she was confused about how my car is a 1971 and a 2002. The 2000 in 2002 represents the displacement in CCs. The 2 at the end is for 2 doors. She even asked questions. » 10/20/14 5:30pm 10/20/14 5:30pm

I'm in the library trying to crank out 10 pages on this: What makes for a good economic outcome, according to neoclassical theory? Discuss the assumptions, logic and welfarist normative framework of neoclassical theory.

I have no idea what I've written or what to write next. All I know is that I have 4 pages so far. » 10/19/14 7:35pm 10/19/14 7:35pm