Are we sure it wasn't detected. It sounds like this was a best case scenario. Yes, we couldn't predict how lethal his intent was, but this could have been a lot messier. I don't think missiles launched in public or streaks of gunfire would be preferable. Someone had to see this. Hell, I live close to DC, and as a… » 4/16/15 10:15am Thursday 10:15am

I was just introduced to this song (Watermelon Man) last night

If you like some killer nasty, trippy 70s funk, this is your jam. Beware, the beat will never leave your head. Herbie Hancock is just a groovy MF'r. If you do actually listen to the song, let the whole thing play. Yes it might be weird, but trust me, you'll be head-bobbing to it tomorrow, promise. » 4/12/15 9:10pm 4/12/15 9:10pm